New Technology

A new tool to improve the weight-to-strenght ratio of buildings

Less concrete used

Use no more concrete than structurally needed – up to 30% less

Low emissions

Reduce the emissions by using less materials and less transportation


Finding a cost-efficient solution to create unique, double-curved shapes at an industrial scale has been the Holy Grail of architecture and a challenge for construction engineers worldwide.

The Svelte solution leads to the usage of 30% less materials and a minimum 35% cost saving per construction project.

Traditional construction challenges

  • CNC machines are slow
  • 3D printing is not scalable
  • Construction sand is running out
  • Construction sector emits 36% of the world's CO2
  • Buildings often require significantly more material than is structurally necessary.

Driven by mass production, the usage of flat surfaces in traditional construction lead to resource depletion. In standard concrete floors the weight to strength ratio is 1:1,5 meaning 1 tone of flat floor area con sustain an added 1,5 tons. This is highly inefficient in terms of resource – usage.

Limitless possibilities create

Revolutionary technology

  • Production output: 8 min / 48€/m²
  • 40xfaster than CNC milling
  • Emitting less CO2, NOX and PM10
  • On-site or off-site usability
With a focus on iconic architecture & sustainable construction, Svelte’s modular, prefab solution can become the new standard in constructions.
How good are we?

Recent Works

Svelte’s impact on

Target sectors

Svelte foamwork can be used as moulds for casting concrete panels; can be coated in various materials to obtain double-curved façade panels; or can an be integrated into construction surfaces that do not bear a structural function, adding up to 30% savings in construction material.
  • Resource-efficient construction
  • Precast foamwork
  • Façade panels for freeform architecture
  • Curved glass
  • Naval construction
  • Windmill blade construction
Responsible future in construction

Opportunity for change

Construction sand will be depleted in the next 30 to 40 years

Construction sector emits 36% of the world’s CO2

We are undergoing the largest urban growth in history.

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