Supporting universities with molds for student projects

admin on November 1, 2018

SVELTE opened a new project coined Graduate SVELTE to support education in universities around the world. Students in architecture and automotives now have the opportunity to engage with SVELTE experts for advice, consultations and a limited supply of molds customized for their project, delivered at a very small fraction of the cost. The costs only include consumables (materials) and shipping to their site.

SVELTE Figur is the star product of the company. The equipment is able to create custom molds for double-curved architecture and industries, with ……. points of curvature and an inclination of ……… degrees. The patented technology is unique as it can carve molds 24 times faster than any other freeforming means available to date.

This measure encourages student creativity and allows them to test their ideas in a nurturing environment.

“At SVELTE, we understand the challenges of a well-rounded and practical education. Testing ideas and bringing them into the real world is probably the most gratifying experience we can offer students. They need to touch, to shape and to create real experience with products in order to fully understand their field. And they need something to show for themselves,something to take pride in”, 

the Communication Officer explained.

SVELTE only asks students to be aware of time constraints and send the projects for review far in advance whenever possible. One of the Figur machines is dedicated entirely to their needs, but there are expectations there will be a fair deal of demand to keep the educational program quite busy.

“We are very much focused on quality and excited to help,but we definitely need a heads up from you”, 

SVELTE advises.

The company will keep the program going throughout the course of 2019 and hopes to re-fuel it in the following years. There is along-term goal to expand and enrich the educational program to serve students with more broad support in the future. 

Those interested can send projects for review in their format of choice or open a discussion at, with the headline Graduate magna cum SVELTE. Projects must be accompanied by a formal letter from any of their university staff.