SVELTE materials department sets its priorities for 2019

admin on December 5, 2018

Svelte opened a new dedicated department focused on construction materials research. Our Form Memoria offices are located in Brașov and are now fully equipped to experiment with some of the most modern materials. Our focus for 2019 is to develop solutions for more resilient materials that lend themselves to double-curving more easily.

One of the hottest topics, especially in architecture,relates to thickness. How can we challenge the standards on how thin we can layer cement in order to create sturdy and elastic structures? Svelte placed the directive on the engineers, who are now looking for viable solutions.

Coupled with an eco-friendly approach, we believe innovating on this particular matter will revolutionize the entire slate of industries using freeforming.  This is why our main focus for 2019 will be to come up with a unique layering solution that takes innovation a step forward.

There are many challenges for our engineers to tackle.According to, clients in architecture are more focused than ever on ecology standards and proofing for elements. “They are not just trending topics, they represent a more environment-aware field with different needs than before”, Oscar Octavian Richtea explains. “Affordable doesn’t mean a low price tag anymore. It relates more to our print on the environment and how we want to minimize it as soon as possible. This is something SVELTE plans to take into account as much as possible, in an industry that historically had a high impact. It is something ambitious we want to be part of.”

In terms of making peace with our environment, Richtea explains that there are many aspects that need attention. They range from production methods to durability of construction, to meeting precise needs.“None of them involve cutting corners and none of them mean scrapping what we just built yesterday”, he concludes.