SVELTE at BAU – The World’s Leading Trade Fair for Architecture. Feel free to drop by for discussions.

admin on January 8, 2019

SVELTE will be present in January at BAU Munchen to make contact with experts in the industry.

We will travel to one of the center points of our industry to showcase the capabilities of SVELTE and explain what our activities and missions are. We believe this is an industry where close-knitted relationships with other businesses is a must.

Founder and Head of Engineering Oscar Octavian Richtea will represent the company with unique expertise at the event. He is open for discussions and approachable.

SVELTE Figur, the star product of SVELTE Labs, will be one of the topics we would love to discuss with those interested. Figur is a piece of equipment capable of creating complex and unique molds for double-curved architecture, at a spectacular rate. Our most recent torture tests came up with exciting benchmarks, including head-spinning speeds of production. As of now,we can create molds 24 times faster than any current technology. SVELTE hopes this will unleash a new wave of creativity, since architects will surpass one of the main challenge from their clients – execution times.

Figur molds have ample applicability in architecture and other industries (naval, automotive, energy and others that require custom,slender shapes).

If timing is one of the most frequently asked question from your clients, we think you will find the discussions very interesting. Feel free to approach us at the event for more in-depth discussions on this matter,or any other challenge in your industry. SVELTE takes on projects related to double-curved designs that require custom solutions and would love to hear from you.

The event takes place at ………… and rallies some big names and creative companies in the industry.We will be present at the event on Monday, January 24, between xx:xx and xx:xx and will be free for queries over coffee the following day.