Double-curved Molds Created 14 Times Faster. Svelte Secures The Patent

admin on January 5, 2019

Svelte secured the patent for its star product. Svelte Figur is the latest piece of technology for double-curved surfaces and is already in use as a prototype in Brasov. The machine carves into a wide range of materials, starting with single-use polystyrene or wax double-curved molds for unique surfaces. The wax solution was especially developed for a more eco-friendly approach, since it allows us to melt and recycle the materials with as littleloss as possible.

It took our Founder and Head of Engineering, Oscar Octavian Richtea ……….. years of development to come up with the technology that creates molds at least 24 times faster than current freeforming technologies. There is a high quality attached to the production. It translates into smooth molds,with xx points of curvature and a maximum inclination of …………. degrees. The machine works on proprietary software and can be fed every 3d format in use on the market. This includes ………. .

With Figur, we took the entire needs of the market into account. We are aiming primarily at the architectural field, but are ready to deliver for all industries requiring single or multiple-use molds. We can cater to requirements in the automotive, naval and energy sectors. 

“Practically, we can save 23 hours out of every day. This is a field where time constraints are taken very seriously and are often very tight. Oftentimes, projects had to be scaled-down because of the challenge.With Figur, the main priority was to alleviate the problem even a little. The benchmarks at the end of the project got us very excited!”, Richtea commented.

Our clients can already order molds to be delivered on site,via a simple contact procedure. Our team of engineers offer full assistance and will advise on the best materials and techniques suited for the particular needs of the project.

The patent is registered with …………… in ……………. and insures the protection of our engineering. As of now, we are the only company in the world able to produce the Figur double-curved molds.