admin on January 8, 2019

SVELTE at BAU – The World’s Leading Trade Fair for Architecture. Feel free to drop by for discussions.

SVELTE will be present in January at BAU Munchen to make contact with experts in the industry. We will travel to one of the center points of our industry to showcase the capabilities of SVELTE and explain what our activities and missions are. We believe this is an industry where...
admin on January 5, 2019

Double-curved Molds Created 14 Times Faster. Svelte Secures The Patent

Svelte secured the patent for its star product. Svelte Figur is the latest piece of technology for double-curved surfaces and is already in use as a prototype in Brasov. The machine carves into a wide range of materials, starting with single-use polystyrene or wax double-curved molds for unique surfaces. The...
admin on December 5, 2018

SVELTE materials department sets its priorities for 2019

Svelte opened a new dedicated department focused on construction materials research. Our Form Memoria offices are located in Brașov and are now fully equipped to experiment with some of the most modern materials. Our focus for 2019 is to develop solutions for more resilient materials that lend themselves to double-curving...
admin on November 1, 2018

Supporting universities with molds for student projects

SVELTE opened a new project coined Graduate SVELTE to support education in universities around the world. Students in architecture and automotives now have the opportunity to engage with SVELTE experts for advice, consultations and a limited supply of molds customized for their project, delivered at a very small fraction of...