Efficient Manufacturing for Freeform Architecture

Double-curving is one of the most spectacular design approaches in design today, with broad applicability in architecture and modern industries. No double-curved concept is the same and every idea has unique technical challenges to deal with. This is why solutions we see on the market today cannot hope to get across the board coverage. Our business creates a close touch with customers to satisfy particular needs and to research for individual projects.


We undertake some of the most challenging projects in double-curved architecture. Behind Svelte, there is a multi-disciplinary swarm-team with expertise in engineering, software development, structural design, architecture and automotives.  Everyone at Svelte will be there to crack the code of your challenge, swinging and filtering ideas through as many brains as available on-deck.

Our clients brief us on issues that require full-time attention, special means of execution, measures of  implementation and creative solutions.

We deliver our research results and assist with further implementation to ensure your project jumps out of the paper and into the carbon world.


Our engineers have a fully-equipped playground for machinery suitable for both elbow-grease and paper-based thinking.  We often lend and adapt ideas from automotives, aeronautics and dynamics in order to bring the most challenging freeform solutions into architecture.

Our equipment department had some of the most amazing results in the double-curving of poured materials to date.

  • Alleviate time constraints
  • Combine expertise from every hi-tech industry
  • Bend the rules of physics


Svelte undertakes torture-tests on various construction paraphernalia. Materials can singlehandedly give architects the above-the-curve advantage on the construction site.

Our labs work with both modern and classical materials. The directive for our paraphernalia department is to tackle the main problems that often end-up limiting creativity in double-curved architecture.

  • Structural resistance and elasticity
  • Thickness, weight and appearance
  • Proofing for temperature, humidity and sound

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement 101010838

Building projects are often scaled-down because of execution challenges. Time and short deadlines are often a factor. Our SVELTE Labs invented and patented SVELTE Figur. Our technology creates unique molds 24 times faster than what current CNC, bending/freeforming and 3D printing technologies offer. Since SVELTE doesn’t use typical freeforming techniques, it can stand more points of curvature and inclinations, which allows our clients to be more creative with their designs.


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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program under grant agreement 101010838.